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    • June 19
    Best small sized android video calling applications that can replace Skype on your device

    Android devices has not only made connection between people very strong but also have tried to decrease the distance between two places. Skype is till date the best application that offers you great video calling facility. But one major issue with Skype is that it consumes a lot of space in your device and you also end up consuming a high amount of data while conferencing on Skype.

    video calling

    Android has also come up now with a number of such video calling applications those are small in size and also consumes much lesser data. Also these applications are extremely reliable quality wise.

    Google Hangout

    Google hangout

    It may seem that this application is a big file to be installed but in actual terms it is not in comparison to Skype. You will get high definition video calling features on Hangout similar to Skype and can also enjoy voice calling and text messaging features along with video calling features.