• Best Messaging Apps for Android1.2
    • February 09
    Top 12 Best Messaging Apps for Android

    This application is for the people who love galleries. It is a feature rich collection from different SMS applications. Android lovers will definitely love this application. Some of its features are:

    • The way of handling incoming and outgoing messages by the app can be customized
    • You can even schedule the messages that needs to be sent
    • You can sign in through Facebook and view your Facebook contacts

    Go SMS Pro

    Best Messaging Apps for Android10

    This message sending application is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry platform. It is a comprehensive messaging application that allows you to send SMS and see notifications in from of bubbles on the screen.

    Text Secure

    Best Messaging Apps for Android11-horz

    This application is for the people who want extra security. This application provides the encryption to your conversation through different end to end protocols as soon as you register your number. Other features include:

    • Custom ROMs also use this application
    • It handles the encrypted content of messages and provide it to you safely


    Best Messaging Apps for Android12-horz

    It is all in one communication application that does have some distinguishing features that makes it different from others.

    • You can do group chat with about 100 friends at once
    • It provides support to about 20 languages

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