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    • February 09
    Top 12 Best Messaging Apps for Android

    It is one of the minimalist applications for the Android users that help you to send SMS with some added functionalities. Several features of this application are:

    • It has quick popup reply options
    • It is available for free
    • You can send MMS and SMS to other people instantly

    Hello SMS

    Best Messaging Apps for Android5-horz

    This application can be installed on your Android set for keeping your messaging interface simple and clean. It has got minimal design and is created by Style Guru.

    • This application has got a simple tab setup
    • You can view your friends profile picture and name on the left side
    • To open the conversation tab, you just need to swipe out
    • It can manage the SMS sending process easily without looking bloated


    Best Messaging Apps for Android6-horz

    It is a popular messaging application that has more than 500 million users who are spread in more than 230 countries of the world. One of the best benefits of using Line is that, you can do video calls internationally and domestically as well. You can even send the text messages to your friends.


    Best Messaging Apps for Android7

    This application is for the people, who never want a text to be missed. Some of its super cool features are listed below:

    • It adds bubble pop up functionality to Facebook chat heads and link Bubble to SMS app
    • Any new SMS on your mobile will be indicated as pop up
    • You can even drag out the message, if you don’t want to read it
    • You can even reply directly from the notification bubble


    Best Messaging Apps for Android8-horz

    It is a dedicated messaging service for the Android users. Some of its useful features are master password; you can send videos & audios, and even the pictures. It provides you with some of the most versatile features.

    Handcent SMS

    Best Messaging Apps for Android9-horz

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