• Best Google Chrome Extensions (1)
    • March 31
    20 Best Google Chrome Extensions- The Greatest of Ever

    Best Google Chrome Extensions (1)

    Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers over the internet and is used by large number of people across the world. Users who are wish to run cool and simple browser then Google come is one of the best option for them. The best things about chrome are the minimal interface it has that is free from myriad extensions and annoying toolbars. Another great feature of this browser is that it has number of extensions that can be used to enhance the performance of browser. All these extensions are available on chrome store. You can browse there and download your favorite chrome extension within few seconds. Here is the list of best chrome extensions that you will ever have on your desktop.


    Best Google Chrome Extensions (2)

    This great extension helps you to manage the passwords easily on web. You may find it difficult to remember the passwords of different accounts. The LastPass chrome extension does this works for you in no time.

    Awesome New Tab Page

    Best Google Chrome Extensions (3)

    The home screens appear great when they are customized to something interesting. Some of its features are:

    • This app has its own widget collection
    • It opens the new tab on chrome for the user
    • Replaces the new page that is thrown as default by chrome
    • You can drag and build widgets at any location on the screen.

    Send from Gmail

    Best Google Chrome Extensions (4)

    You can get button to compose the messages from Gmail account quickly. Some of its features are:

    • Opens the Gmail window at one click
    • Window is opened with subject and message box.


    Best Google Chrome Extensions (5)

    It is the extension that allows you to curate the web content visually. Some of its features include:

    • It includes social bookmarking option
    • It allows you to find new stuff related to your interest.

    Hover Zoom

    Best Google Chrome Extensions (6)

    This is one of the fantastic extensions that let you to see the photos and images in full size. You need not to load a new page to do so. You need to move cursor over the image and the photos will zoom out for you.

    Checker Plus for Gmail

    Best Google Chrome Extensions (7)

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