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    • May 30
    Top 13 Best Gmail Alternatives you could try

    Gmail is one of the best email account provider throughout the world. Google had created this tool to help people throughout the world to exchange the messages and conversations on mail within few seconds with ease. One only needs an internet connection to access mails on his/her PC or mobile device. Sometimes, the services offered by Gmail get worst in case of server downtime or any other issue related to the server. In such cases, there are some best Gmail alternatives that you can try in place of Gmail. These are listed below.

    Best Gmail Alternatives1.1

    Best Gmail Alternatives


    It is a great web based email service that is available for you for different platforms like Windows, Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. Its features include:

    Best Gmail Alternatives1

    • A storage memory of 25 MB in free version
    • You can upgrade the memory as you pay
    • You are available with different domains to create your account like @hushmail.me, @hushmail.com, @hush.com, @mac.hush.com, and @hush.ai.


    It is one of the ultimate web services with some best features like spam filters etc. other quality features offered by Mail.com are:

    Best Gmail Alternatives2

    • You can attach the file up to 50 MB
    • You can choose the domain from the list of 200+ domains according to your profession like @techie.com, @graphic-designer.com etc.


    It is one of the fastest email services available to you. It only allows single free email account every person and deletes the multiple accounts of same person regularly after scanning. Other features are:

    Best Gmail Alternatives3

    • Secure login button
    • Free account provides 25 MB space. You can upgrade it to 100 MB- 10 GB for free
    • Simple and user friendly interface


    Though facebook.com is a social networking website, but it also allows you to send and receive emails. Your email will be personal and secure just like other emails.

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