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    • September 17
    Best free mobile browsers to use on smartphones

    Let’s face it – today’s phones are not just phones anymore. We use them as they were intended – for making and receiving phone calls – a fraction of the time. Instead we use them for socializing, watching videos, listening to music and browsing the internet.

    For a good browsing experience we need a good browser – this thing is well known for everyone ever stuck with Internet Explorer 6 on an older PC. Today’s built-in mobile browsers are decent, but there is always room for more. So, let’s see what free mobile browsers we can choose from to have the best browsing experience on the go Alexander Supertramp / Shutterstock.com..

    Opera Mini

    Opera is offering the one truly cross-platform browser of the world, available on every platform (except maybe for Windows Phone, but I guess it will soon conquer that platform, too): Windows, Linux and Mac, and mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and even non-smartphones capable of running Java.

    Mobile Browser Opera Mini

    Opera is one of the veterans of internet browser development, releasing its first commercial web browser (Opera 2.0) in 1996. Until the fifth version, released in the year 2000, Opera was a trialware software (users had a free trial period, after which they needed to purchase the browser). Since 2000 all its releases are freeware Quka / Shutterstock.com.


    A user favorite on desktop PCs, Firefox has recently been released for mobile devices running Google’s Android operating system. Unfortunately for iPhone users, the browser will not be released for iOS anytime soon.


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