• Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS for 20151.11.2
    • December 10
    15 Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS: 2015

    Books are believed to be our friends. One has to go through education in his/her life and often read different books during this phase. These books are our friends and provide us with some vital information. In modern days, many books had been turned to eBooks and now these books can be easily read over the mobile devices with ease. If you own an i-device then you will surely enjoy reading eBooks using eBook readers. Here is the list of best eBooks reader apps for iOS devices.

    Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS for 20151.1

    Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS


    Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS for 20151-horz

    This is another free and popular eBook reader for the book lovers, who love to read books on there iOS device. Some of its features are:

    • It has a animated background
    • Opening the eBooks is very simple using this application


    Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS for 20152-horz

    This application is created by Barnes & Noble. You will need a user account for reading these books using this application. Other features are:

    • On sign up, you will be getting 5-6 free eBooks
    • There are number of buttons on page to change brightness, text size, fonts, and other elements of the page


    Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS for 20153-horz

    This eBook reader app helps you to search and share free eBooks and articles across the international boundaries.

    • The books are usual and some of them are also based on digital books
    • You can connect with other readers and writers
    • You can add a fun element while reading the book


    Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS for 20154-horz

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