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    • December 01
    Top 12 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

    This is another free battery saving application for Android devices. If the battery is charged 100 percent then Battery Doctor will extend its life to 10 percent more.

    • This application optimizes and manages your smart phone
    • It clears the unused applications from your phone in background


    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android10

    This power saving application for Android device is made by MicroPinch and indicates the charge level of your battery on status bar.

    • It has got clean user interface
    • It has full resolutions for different screen resolutions


    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android11-horz

    It is an intelligent battery saving application that takes care of your Android device automatically and maintains your phone’s health.

    • It is not free but comes with 30 days trial period
    • It can stop all the battery draining features on just a single tap
    • This application will also tell you that how much time is remaining for your smart phone to charge fully

    2x Battery saver

    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android12

    If you install this battery saver, you will not need to switch off the internet connection in case of low battery. 2x battery saver will do it for you. The smart algorithm used by this application will extend the battery life of your device.

    • It has got easy interface
    • It shows you battery status on the status bar
    • It disable all battery eating processes

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