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    • December 01
    Top 12 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

    It is one of the simplest power saving application that can extend your battery life and is available for free on Google Play Store.

    • It turns your Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth off if your screen is off
    • If you are sleeping, it will turn off all the data connections
    • It makes every possible effort to save the battery of your device

    One Touch Battery Saver

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    You just need to tap the power mode, if you are having insufficient battery on your device. It will then turn all the battery consuming processes off, so that you can utilize the battery for long run. The silent mode will be activated automatically.

    NQ Easy Battery Saver

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    This is creative battery saver and optimizer application that boost up the speed of your device and saves battery of your phone.

    • It has got a nice and smart design
    • It reside on side of your screen and boosts up your phone performance and battery
    • It offers you 12 preset buttons with dashboard


    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android7-horz

    This application manages the battery draining components of your android smart phone efficiently so that the performance of your device can be optimized.

    • It provides you power control widgets and different shortcuts
    • Other features of this powerful app are as follows: CPU scaling, 2G/3G automation, smart business control etc.

    Autorun Manager

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    This application is the automatic killer of the tasks. There are number of process that may start automatically on switching on your smart phone. This application has got two modes- power mode and basic mode.

    • Basic mode is for the regular users. It will kill all tasks that starts automatically
    • The power mode is for the users having rooted device

    Battery Doctor

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