• Best Battery Saving Apps for Android1.1
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    • December 01
    Top 12 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

    The smart phones had already boosted the android market with power packed applications and most of these android smart phones needs some or the other app to save the battery. The GPU of an Android smart phone consumes too much of battery and you will be needing a good android application,  if you are using an Android Smart Phone. SO, here is the list of some best battery saving Apps for Android Smart phones. You must try them and feel the difference in battery life of your Android device.

    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android1.1

    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

    DU Battery Saver

    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android1

    It is a free battery saving application for Android devices that will make the power of your Android device to last for long.

    • The intelligent power mode and pre set power management helps you in saving about 50 percent of battery
    • You can even check battery status, temperature, health of your device etc
    • It kills the unused processes in your device, if any

    Easy Battery Saver

    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android2-horz

    This is a powerful battery saving application on your device. It optimizes the battery performance of your device intelligently.

    • It checks the network connectivity of your device, display device, screen brightness and even manage your battery
    • It can visualize your battery status on main page
    • It has 4 preset battery saving buttons and advanced modes for customization

    Battery Booster Lite

    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android3-horz

    This application has got a free trial version, after which you need to purchase this app. It is an all in one battery saving app that provides you efficient management of battery of your Android smart phone.

    • It monitors the battery consumption and kills processes not in use to save battery
    • Battery saving mode is automatically on
    • Home screen widget option is provided to you

    Battery defender

    Best Battery Saving Apps for Android4-horz

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