Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Author: Neil MaC

  • Photography 40 Horror Photography Examples to get goose bumps

    Horror stories are something which everyone is scared of, especially the younger ones who are too resistant to watch any kind of dreadful images. But this is not all; the so called grownups often get goose bumps with horror images which can lead to night mares to them. The presence of horror characters like ghosts,…

    • February 12
  • Freebies Top 12 Best Messaging Apps for Android

    Android is one of the popular platforms launched by Google for mobile systems. These Android devices are really very popular among the users. Every day, lots and lots of applications are been launched for the Android users. Most of these applications are available for free at Google Play Store. People love the Android apps and…

    • February 09
  • Photography 60 Hot Pictures of Sexy Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian has been everywhere on television, there are many instances when you switch on the TV and you find her on your screen. Kim has always been appreciated for her sexy and designer clothes which make her look awesome and this is one of the reasons we can spot many hot pictures of sexy…

    • January 27
  • Freebies 15 Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS: 2015

    Books are believed to be our friends. One has to go through education in his/her life and often read different books during this phase. These books are our friends and provide us with some vital information. In modern days, many books had been turned to eBooks and now these books can be easily read over…

    • December 10
  • Tips Positive Impact of Social Networking

    Companies have been regularly making efforts to increase their business with wide usage of social networking websites. With social networking popularity can be gained in terms of branding, positioning, marketing, customer service etc. These websites are majorly used for the purpose of communication or sharing of ideas and also facilitates the flow of information. Social…

    • December 04
  • Odd Stuff Top 12 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

    The smart phones had already boosted the android market with power packed applications and most of these android smart phones needs some or the other app to save the battery. The GPU of an Android smart phone consumes too much of battery and you will be needing a good android application,  if you are using…

    • December 01
  • Photography Meaningful Expressive Photography Examples: Best 40

    Everyone has their own definition of meaningful expressive photography, however, the easiest definition of it can be that meaningful expressive photography involves photographs that express a feeling or a mood — photographs that draw the viewer in and make them feel what you felt when you were making the picture. When you’re talking about expressive…

    • November 27
  • Tips Tutorials User Guide for Google AdSense for Beginners

    Many are not aware of what AdSense is. User guide for Google AdSense defines it as, when advertisers pay Google to run ads, if they opt to show their ads on Google’s Display Network, and then their ads will show up in the “AdSense slots” on participating web sites. Google AdSense for beginners is a…

    • November 25
  • Digital Art Creative Contemporary Illustration Examples: Best 40

    Contemporary art is a form of art which is produced in the present period of time however has been developed from the postmodern art forms. It includes and develops from postmodern form of art. Modern and contemporary art are used as synonym words. This form of art was produced for recognizing the lifetime spans. Recognition…

    • November 23
  • Tips Tutorials How to Start an Ecommerce website successfully: Big Plan!

    E-Commerce is growing rapidly worldwide as more and more people are coming on internet. This is why most of the big and small companies are establishing their authority directly or indirectly by creating an e-Commerce portal or becoming a part of e-Commerce portal. Companies selling products online had seen a good growth and improvement in…

    • November 15