Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

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  • Tips Gambling and Graphics: The Visual Identity of Online Slots

    When it comes to debate and discussions regarding graphic design, it is not often that attention tends to turn to the world of online casinos. However, when research states that 29% of the gambling market in the UK is based on online services, there is surely a reason to consider the visual appeal of this…

    • January 03
  • ShowCases The Top 3 Gambling Themed Movies of All Time

    Gambling has been a forbidden fruit for many, associated with glamour and heaps of cash, but permeated by corruption and crime. This might be the reason why so many people enjoy movies about gambling in general, and Las Vegas casinos in special, which serve as a backdrop for so many great stories. Actually, gambling is…

    • September 15
  • Tips How Smartphones Make Voice Plans Obsolete

    When the first true smartphone was launched 8 years ago (it was called the iPhone, and it has changed the way we look at handsets completely) mobile service providers should have gotten the chills. Why? Because the smartphone that they currently use as a marketing tool to sell their voice and data plans has the…

    • August 05
  • Photography 3+1 Best Sources for Public Domain Stock Photos

    Being a designer means to be pressured constantly by the deadlines and the budget. Sometimes the budget is so tight that there is no room for a stock photo in it – designers have to waste their time googling for the perfect image that would fit into the design – and with zero costs, of…

    • May 18
  • Wordpress Top 5 Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

    Making sure that your WordPress-hosted website remains safe and functional all through can be challenging. You can face server errors or even get hacked. Who knows, you might accidentally be the cause of an irreversible problem! What is more is that most backup facilities that are built into the WordPress platform are almost non-existent. Luckily,…

    • May 11
  • Tips Google Disavow – The Great Debate

    A video from Moz’s popular Whiteboard Friday series was the cause of major debate within the SEO community. The main idea behind the video was to provide insight into the supposition that submitting to Google a disavow file after suffering a Penguin hit can reverse it without having to manually remove those links. Josh Bachynski,…

    • March 16
  • Graphics Why Experts Consider Digital Signage a Big Part of Digital Marketing

    Marketing is all about bridging the communication gap between buyers and sellers. Effective communication with the potential customers boosts conversion rate significantly. Over the years we have witnessed the changes in marketing mediums. From the days of leaflets and billboards, now we have entered the age of digital marketing. Companies all over the world are…

    • March 12
  • Photography Tips 9 Photoshop Plugins That Will Make Your Images Look Professionally Done

    Adobe Photoshop on its own does not have all the necessary capabilities required to give an image the best effects. That is why you need to reinforce adobe Photoshop with plugins that will enable you to perform additional tasks that will give your site desired graphics and effects. Different plugins perform different tasks, so it’s…

    • February 26
  • Tutorials 45 Fresh & Useful HTML5 & CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques to use in 2015

    Using CSS3 expertly makes the look of website and design a lot more fun and eye-catching. With a good knowledge and command of CSS3, you can create beautiful designs with great efficiency and ease. The tutorials are extremely helpful, not only for the professionals, but, also for the beginners. That’s why here we have come…

    • January 06
  • Photography 50+ Awe-Inspiring Perfectly Clicked Salsa Dance Photos to capture Love

    Those who are interested in dance photography should prepare him for all the trial and error methods in order to learn about new methods of camera and also to learn about the appropriate setting. It is important that the photographer should capture the right dance moments at the right time, and this is what is…

    • December 07