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    30+ Astounding Examples of Panoramic Photography

    Panoramic photography is photography techniques that use the special equipment as well as for capturing the images along with the elongated fields view. And it is also known as the wide format photography, which means the technique that creates the image wider than vision produced by the human eye. The technique of particular photography is quite popular way for capturing the large life images and usually applied for the photography of the landscape as well as for the images of the urban skylines. The panoramic images will be taken by using the numerous techniques while some leave more effect than other, but there results are quite stunning.

    Panoramic Photography1.1

    Different types of the panoramic photography

    Basically the photography will be classified into the three types like the cylindrical, planar as well as the spherical photography. More classification is there in the cylindrical panorama which includes inner-cylinder along with the outer cylindrical panorama. Again the shooting techniques of cylindrical panorama will involve the three methods and they are- horizontal method, oblique method as well as the vertical method. The spherical panorama method involves the inner sphere along with the outer sphere panorama.

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    • Inner cylinder panorama– setting of the camera must be keep fixed when the process of shooting is going on, as well as the images that are formed through the process of post processing of photo capturing by turning the cameras as well as rotating it for three sixty degree of conventional camera.
    • Outer cylinder panorama– In this type of photo shooting one must keep the subject fixed as well as take the photo at the circle of the subject. And when the images are displayed they must be placed end to end and form the cylinder but it should be outwards.
    • Inner sphere panorama– Today, there are two types are present to shoot this kind of pictures. Thus, the first way is shooting the images of the subject from all angles with the splice form of conventional medium and the other way is by using the fish eye lenses as well as the conventional lenses.
    • Outer sphere panorama– In this type the subject will be a sphere as well as close to the sphere. While the shooting one should rotate the camera at equidistance around the subjects for making the rotational shooting of multi-dimensional.
    • Planar panorama– This type of photo clicking technique is generally used for the pictures which cannot be completed once for example the streets as well as the groups of the buildings.

    Methods of the panoramic camera

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    Some of the methods of the panoramic camera are as follows-

    • Short rotation- this camera have the lenses which rotate around the nodal point and used a curved plane for the film.
    • Full rotation- it is also known as the slit scan as well as the scanning cameras.
    • Fixed lenses- fixed lens also called the flat back, wide field.
    • Segmentation- this can be made by joining many photos by overlapping.

    Easy ways for capturing the panoramic pictures

    For capturing the panoramic pictures one must need a point as well as a shoot digital camera along with the manual mode, as one should not in need of any SLR cameras that are quite expensive for doing any trick. Thus, here are few easy steps by which one can capture the panoramic pictures quite easily and they are as follows-

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    • Find a beautiful spot having the entire look of the scene, and where the person wants to click the panoramic picture. Along with one has to make sure that the spot must have a clear and unobstructed view having only few subjects.
    • Activate the grid of the camera in the viewfinder as well as the LCD display. Thus, by activating the grid of the camera one will be able of viewing the line grids that are running horizontally as well as vertically across the viewfinder camera.
    • Start aiming the camera at far right or the far left of scene that the person has seen fit. Set the exposure mode at manual as well as adjust the aperture along with shutter the speed of the camera according to the environment. The reason behind this is for ensuring that the pictures will have the constant exposure and it is quite important for the panoramic pictures.
    • Click the first picture and after it pivots the upper body of the camera slightly to the right or the left, which depends on the position of the camera. If the scene is at the far right, then pivot the body slightly left as well as vice versa.
    • Preview the picture which is taken by you. Check whether the picture is aligned properly according to you. A slight misalignment among the pictures is fine as it is not noticeable after the stitching.
    • Use the software of the graphics editing which come along with the tool of auto stitching. Most of the software of the graphic editing will automatically stitch as well as one should not need to perform any manual work.

    Panoramic Photography Examples

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