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    • September 08
    35 Creative Animal Logo Designs for Inspiration

    Logos play an important role in making the identity of organization or a company. Most of the businesses are recognized by their logos rather than their names. The company logos leave the long lasting impression on customer’s eyes. Logo is the representation of company in terms of brand and promotion. Animal logo designs are getting popular throughout the world and most of the emerging companies are establishing their identity around the world through an animal logo design. You can take the example of international footwear company ‘Puma’ that has its symbol as ‘Cheetah’ and this symbol depicts its fastness. You can find a great increase in marketing and sales, if you choose a good logo design.

    Animal Logo Designs1.1

    The designers are continuously coming up with different ideas for creating some marvelous logos depicting animals. This is the main reason why animal logo designs had increased in popularity and its demand. The good designer is capable enough of creating something really awesome out of the animal photos and images. They can create something motivational and inspiring that defines the aims and objectives of the company. Let us discuss about the Animal logo designs closely.

    If you want to make your way to the international or national market of your country then you definitely have to create a good looking animal logo for your company that motivates people and captivate them with its look. Hiring a designer to create an awesome logo design for you is a great option. The professional animal logo designer will find right means to create awesome designs for you and edit them, if you require any changes.

    Animal Logo Designs

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    Meaning of Different Animal Logo Designs

    The logo designers are using animals as the elements of logo are playing with their symbolic meaning. Different animals are related to different meanings. Some of the meanings of animal logo designs from company point of view had been discussed here:

    • Swallow: It represents love and loyalty. It can be the logo for any Trust or educational Institution or any social institution.
    • Swan: It symbolizes beauty, grace, and perfection and can be the symbol for a fashion related product or fashion company.
    • Phoenix: This symbolizes the healing and peace and can be the symbol of any medical institution or any social institution.
    • Chicken: It represents fertility. In China, Chicken is the symbol of new start. IT can be the logo for new companies coming up to the market.
    • Duck: It symbolizes the resourceful person. Duck can be the logo for any informative website or internet related blog.
    • Pigeons: They represent love, happiness, and marital bliss. It can be used as a logo by marriage organizers or match making services.
    • Owl: Owl represents mystery, wisdom, intelligence, protection, messages, secrets etc. This can be the logo for astrologer, medical institution, and even for businesses.
    • Eagles & Hawks: They represent fierceness, swiftness, and soaring capability. They can be used as a logo for defense services, security services, and for businesses too.
    • Woodpecker: It represents signaling, initiation, Attention, protection, signaling, opportunity, determination, and communication. It can be used as a logo for different types of businesses and services.
    • Bat: It symbolizes the death and rebirth. It can be associated with the medicine and can be a logo of hospital or medical institution.

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