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    • May 31
    Amazing Clean Master application features for your android smartphone

    clean master features

    Junk Cleaner or Remove Junk files will scan the entire device and will clean up all the cache files, residual files and other junk from the device. It will show notification about how much junk has been accumulated on your device, and then as you click on the clean junk option, it cleans on the junk in front of you showing how much junk it is cleaning.

    Remove Junk files

    Next is the Security and Privacy Cleaner. When you browse internet on your computer, you have an option of cleaning of browsing history. This feature also works in the same manner. You must be browsing your internet through Google or Google Chrome or some browser on your phone. This tool helps you in cleaning up the history so that the storage space can be released. This also acts as an antivirus for your device and protects your smartphone from the attacks of various viruses.

    Privacy cleaner