• Clay Sculptures (32)
    • March 11
    35 Amazing and Creative Clay Sculptures- The hidden art form

    Clay Sculptures (32)

    The art of clay sculptures is very much popular from ancient times. But the importance of clay sculptures has been changed from time to time. People used clay to meld things in the past as a hobby. But these days, clay sculptures become a business for people. If you are creative and skilful, then you can use clay sculpting for commercial purposes. It can also be used as a therapy, art, fine art form and as a learning art form. Clay is of different types. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right type of clay for clay sculpting. Sculpting clay is also known as the potter’s clay which is used to clean the impurities. There are so many tools available in the market through which you can create clay sculptures.


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    Workbench or work surface matters a lot in clay molding. It is recommended that the work surface should be made of glass or tiles.


    • Wax paper should be used for protection purposes.
    • Every material or items should be placed on top of clay.
    • Place the clay at the end to give the proper shape.

    Molding Tools

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    It is better to use molding tools for clay molding rather than using hands. Some molding tools are really inevitable in clay molding. You need to create perforations with the help of these tools. It is also used to give a desired shape to the clay.

    Cutting Tools

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    Cutting of clay in clay sculpting is very much needed. Therefore, you have to choose sharp and thin blades for cutting it.


    • Read the product description carefully before use.
    • You should know about the advantages and disadvantage of each blade you use.
    • You should use separate cutting tool for different designs and shape as every cutting tool has its own importance.

    The Rolling Tool

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    Rolling tool is easily available in the market. It is used to roll the clay to give a proper shape and size.


    • After cutting, you have to roll the clay.
    • Final touch will be given by the rolling tool.

    Clay Mixing Tool

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    Clay sculpting is incomplete without blending and conditioning. For blending and conditioning, clay mixing tools play a major role. The food processor is one of the examples of clay mixing tools and it is very fine tool to do this task.

    Some tips and guidelines about clay sculpting are as follows-

    Set a Goal

    Before buying tools and materials for clay sculpting tasks, one should need to focus on the fact that he/she has done this task for hobby or commercial purposes.

    Things to Remember

    • Set a goal before creating clay sculptures.
    • Do not buy costly tools and materials if you will do clay sculpting as a hobby only.
    • Develop your sculpting skills if you will do clay sculpting for commercial purposes.

    Search for Tools

    You have to use the best and special tools for clay sculpting if you are using polymer clay. These tools include acrylic paint, sandpaper and a clear gloss. Scrapers, wires, bowls, a stand and spoons are the needed tools for polymer clay sculpting. Polymer clay is always very much easy to use. That’s why it is called as the best clay. Detailing tools can be used to create a beautiful clay sculpture. But if you are using natural clays for clay sculpting, then you require a good Kiln.

    Look for Clay Materials

    If you are a beginner or an experienced person in this field, you have to know about the clay materials. Polymer clay is the best clay as compared to other clays.

    Things to Remember

    • Always go for the best clay materials for clay sculpting.
    • Always use Polymer clay which is synthetic in nature.
    • The main benefit of using Polymer clay is that you can bake this clay at home too.

    Get Your Hands Dirty

    When you are working with clay or creating clay sculptures itself, then it is obvious that your hands get dirty because preparation of clay sculptures and molding of clay cannot be done without using our hands. So do not think about it because your hands will be clean after washing properly.

    Finish Your Sculpting Task

    There are so many tips and guidelines about finishing the task of clay sculpting. But one can also avoid these tips and guidelines about finishing if he/she depends on their personal creativity. Finishing of clay sculpting totally depends on the choice of clay and the design you want to create using clay. The surface of clay sculptures looks good by sanding properly.

    Amazing and Creative Clay Sculptures

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