• Pixel dropr
    • February 26
    9 Photoshop Plugins That Will Make Your Images Look Professionally Done


    Whereas the practice has always been to design within a browser, it is now possible to use Photoshop as a tool for designing outside the browser. You can easily generate mockup layouts based on a 960 grid system.

    Because Webzap is so easy and fast to use, you will find yourself experimenting with more layout ideas.

    4. Subtle patterns by Atle Mo

    A good background pattern can add a lot to your site or image. But finding a good pattern can be difficult.

    Subtle patterns

    Subtle patterns offer a wide selection of high quality, tilable and creative-looking textured patterns that you can use for your background. All the patterns are free.

    The ease of use of subtle patterns plugin is great. Just click on the pattern of your choice and the style is applied.

    5. Renamy by Renamy

    Adobe Photoshop default naming for layers is layer 1, layer 2, and etcetera. This default naming is impractical. So it’s important to change it to something that’s more meaningful.


    You’ll frequently be retouching images, restoring, designing web layouts, or applying special effects, and with all these tasks, the number of layers will become too many and hard to identify. As such, when you use layers a lot, you’ll realize that it’s important to keep them organized.

    Renamy allows you to rename many layers at once. It has an autocomplete feature that saves you from endless typing.

    If you want to see how the plugin works before you buy it, you can download a free demo version and try it out.

    6. Pixel dropr by UI parade

    When you are working, there are certain UI elements that you need to use across numerous projects. In such cases, the ability to group tools and reuse tools comes in handy.

    Pixel dropr

    Pixel dropr is a Photoshop plugin that will allow you to create and use a group of icons, graphics, buttons, images and others within the work you are editing.


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