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    • February 26
    9 Photoshop Plugins That Will Make Your Images Look Professionally Done

    Adobe Photoshop on its own does not have all the necessary capabilities required to give an image the best effects.

    That is why you need to reinforce adobe Photoshop with plugins that will enable you to perform additional tasks that will give your site desired graphics and effects.

    Different plugins perform different tasks, so it’s up to you to identify the tasks that you perform frequently in Photoshop that you would like to make easier to perform by adding a plugin.

    Below are plugins that you will find very helpful in Photoshop:

    1. Filter forge by Filter Forge

    Filter forge is a filters plugin. Having access to many filters gives you more flexibility to create many looks and styles.

    filter forge

    Filter forge has a free online library of filters that have been created by users. You too can create your own filters, such as textures or backgrounds and many others, if you are using the professional and standard editions of filter forge.

    Filter forge professional edition supports 65K*65K .bmp images and is used by photographers and graphic designers to create image visualizations and render designs in 3D. If you buy the professional edition, you can create your own filters.

    One thing to note is that the capabilities of basic edition filter forge include ability to use the existing filter library, but it does not allow you to create your own filters.

    2. Virtual photographer by Optic Verve Labs

    This plugin is free and is quite popular with digital photographers.


    If you are doing quick last minute edits or you don’t know your way around Photoshop really well, using virtual photographer can help you achieve high quality graphics with a few clicks.

    You can change color, adjust contrast, soft focus and many other effects, to achieve great professional-looking visuals that would otherwise take you hours to complete.

    Virtual photographer supports split-screen preview so that you can view your work as you edit. If you create filters that you might use at a later date, you can save them.

    3. Webzap by Cazoobi Creative Solutions

    Photoshop was not created with web design in mind. Webzap plugin gives Photoshop the tools and capabilities that support web designers with creating mockups and achieving a good web user interface.


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