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    • July 16
    70 Really Gorgeous & Inspiring wide screen wallpapers

    Desktop wallpapers always very big source of inspiration which reflects your mood and sometimes it tells the future like where you are planing to go for vacation or what will be your next creation or which movie you are going to watch on weekend or who is your favorite start or you are fancy about which car etc etc. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination and provide some fresh perspective in a rather tedious and monotonous work flow. However, desktop wallpapers sometimes can go far beyond offering colorful eye-candy; sometimes desktop wallpapers include calendars, funny cartoons and logos of favorite tools, services and companies.

    In this post we present Gorgeous Wide Screen ( 2560x ) desktop wallpapers related to Places, Nature, persons, art, technology, photography, cars and abstract themes. Among other things we review calendar wallpapers, minimalistic wallpapers, wallpapers-illustrations and themes for Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Google-fans. Each of the links leads to huge wallpapers archives where you can find even more excellent wallpapers. All screen shots are click able and lead to the pages where they can be downloaded.

    You might want to take a look at the posts

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Khalid Janjua is a business owner and entrepreneur from Manchester, United Kingdom. Khalid is currently working on Saturn-Tec, a website which provides design & cheap web solutions. Follow Khalid on Twitter: @hybridlava. Follow the development of @saturntec.


Reply Asif July 18, 2010

Very Different and unusual, nice collection overall.

    Reply admin July 19, 2010

    Many thanks looking forward to see more comments from your side.

Reply Sarfrazraza July 22, 2010

These are really cool. Simple yet different, really artistic; such bold color. Thanks

Reply magic backlink July 26, 2010

Nice post! Have a excellent day!

Reply inspirational art September 13, 2010

Great post for us artists, thank you for posting it! Cheers!

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Finally I find a satisfactory answer. thank you.

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I did not know this site and I must be conquered ! I was looking for details on here since last Monday !