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    • July 03
    5 Facebook scams need to be carefull in 2015 that affected various users


    Have you noticed the notifications that told you about transforming your Facebook account to your favorite color? Though this particular trick was not that successful but, yes this was also a trick created by the scammers.

    Free gift card campaign

    Like the Facebook color campaign, there was also a campaign where you were offered free gift cards from Facebook. To avail these free cards, as the users clicked on it, they were redirected to some fake site and were asked for their personal information. And these details were sold to the marketers.

    free gift card scam

    A steady rise in such scamming has been noticed since last year. And the most important thing is that these scammers and hackers are targeting people through social networking sites. Recently, a number of fake sites of Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and others have been noticed by the users. These scammers tend to affect your device with virus, subscribe you to some unwanted services, steal your photos and information and many others.

    There are a number of tips that you can follow to stay protected from such issues.


    • Choose web browsers that have anti-phising features.
    • Set strong passwords and update them regularly.
    • Download application from trustable markets like Google Play Store.
    • Always use reliable anti-virus applications for your device.