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    • July 03
    5 Facebook scams need to be carefull in 2015 that affected various users

    Now if must have come across this particular information also about Robin William. Robin Williams is an American standup comedian and also an actor. Last year suddenly, there was fake news spread about Robin Williams saying goodbye to commit suicide.

    Robbin Williams Goodbye

    This fake video was created by some scammers and they have manipulated a number of people to watch this particular video. This was a trick through which the scammers can obtain some of the personal information about the users and can sell it in the market.

    Death hoax of Sylvester Stallone

    Who doesn’t know about Sylvester Stallone, the legend who starred Rocky? Last year, in the month of August, many of his fans were shocked by his sudden death news. The fact was that this was also fake news and was created by the scammers.


    Users desperate to know more about it clicked the news and they were redirected to some Facebook website where they were asked for their personal information. Again this personal information was supposed to be sold in the market in the form of databases.

    Color Scam of Facebook