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    • July 03
    5 Facebook scams need to be carefull in 2015 that affected various users


    With the increase of technology in our lives, we have forgotten that machines and technology can also create trouble for us at times. This has been proved by a number of scams in the year 2014 through a number of social networking sites. Presently, Facebook is the mostly used social networking site and here are the 5 most popular scams that have attracted a number of users in the month of August of 2014.


    Ice bucket challenge Scam

    So you remember the ice bucker challenge craze that came up in the year 2014? Many celebrities and renowned personalities were said to have taken this challenge for some donation causes. But do you know this that some hackers have taken this opportunity to use this is vulnerable manner?

    ice bucket challenge scam

    Some hackers have created websites where you are redirected to provide donation in the name of good causes. This has attracted a large number of people in order to help others in good cause. But as the users transferred their donations to the site, the hackers have tried stealing the payment information of the user. It is not that all the donation websites were hacker’s web, but yes, some of them were definitely.

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