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30+ Excellent Photoshop Tutorials For 3D Effects


There are lots of 3d tools to create 3d effects but creating 3d effects in photoshop is really interesting. Even if you want to create 3d object or 3d typographic design everything is possible in photoshop. So today i have compiled 30+ Excellent Photoshop Tutorials For 3D Effects.

Hope these tutorials will add up something in your knowledge and you become more passionate to learn more and more. Enjoy.

1. 3D Puzzle in Photoshop

A step by step tutorial to create 3d puzzle in photoshop.

3D Puzzle in Photoshop

2. 3D Metal Text

Create 3D Metal Text with lighting ambience. Give nice effects and shadows to make realistic look.

Create 3D Metal Text with lighting ambience

3. Drawing The Linux Penguin

Drawing The Linux Penguin

4. 3D Magnetic “A”

3D Magnetic "A"

5. 3D New Year Text in Photoshop

Make 3D text inspired by 20th Century Fox logo.

6. Designing with 3D Render Pack

Here is a tutorial showing how to make a 3D abstract art easily. Hope you guys will find this useful.

3D abstract art

7. Virtual DJ Picture

In this detailed tutorial we will learn how to design this nice DJ smile.

nice DJ smile

8. Create a Slick Black iMac in Photoshop

A nice tutorial by Collis.

Create a Slick Black iMac in Photoshop

9. Designing a 3D Software Box

In this tutorial, designer is going to create a 3D software box using Photoshop.

Designing a 3D Software Box

10. How To Render a Dramatic 3D Wood Cup in Photoshop

An excellent tutorial by Alvaro Guzman.

3D Wood Cup in Photoshop

11. MP3 Player Illustration

Design an MP3 player with this tutorial.

Design an MP3 player

12. Create a Brilliant Vector Lighter

Knowledge of the Pen Tool is required throughout the initial steps.


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