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    • September 16
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    40+ Gorgeous Eye-candy Colorful Fashion Photography

    A common slang  term for visually appealing persons or effects used to draw mass attention is eye candy.  The implication is that they are eye-catching in a superficial fashion, for example due to adding an element of sexuality. Like actual “candy”, this addition is seen to be neither nutritious nor substantial, but rather provides a potentially addictive appeal which will sustain the attention of a wider audience, possibly despite their better nature.In this article I’ve gathered 40+ Gorgeous photography that are all having the rainbow colors as the center of attention. Here you will find pure fashion, ads and conceptional photography. Most of the photograph’s are having name of photgraphers at the bottom and If I missed any then please let me know I will add the link. Don’t miss out on these, they will impress and inspire. Enjoy!


Khalid Janjua is a business owner and entrepreneur from Manchester, United Kingdom. Khalid is currently working on Saturn-Tec, a website which provides design & cheap web solutions. Follow Khalid on Twitter: @hybridlava. Follow the development of @saturntec.


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