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    40 Amazing 3D Character Illustrations for Inspiration

    Children are always impatient about reading the whole story of the book by they love to go through the colorful cartoons and character found in the books or drawings. A talented character illustrator is capable of including emotions of the character in his drawings. There is no need to give caption about things happening by the drawing speaks more thousand words. In a way, a professional character illustrator has good knowledge about how to create cartoons in a way that it is easily understood by everyone in first glance. But character illustrations unlike cartoon drawings do not have individual existence. They are created in a way that whole drawing or concept is properly focused upon. Therefore every scene of the character gives idea about the content which lies inside. The emotions and actions about the characters must be created accurately that it should match the significance of the concept by giving clarity on the most important factor that is required by professional character artist.

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    Character illustration requires high attractiveness and appears for drawings. Choosing 3D Character Illustrations for Inspiration is not a difficult job. A professional character illustrator uses more than one tool or drawing instrument to give best impact on the cartoon which makes cartoon characters look more alluring with the use of colored pencils, makers or inks. A professional illustrator has more awareness about other technical aspects like using Photoshop to design characters or giving them an extra edge if required. It begins with simple drawing on a piece of paper or board. The imagination is given wings by using mechanical pencils, paintbrushes in proper manner to enhance the beauty of the character. One can always think of some amazing 3D Character Illustrations for Inspiration. Since many colors disappear after copying, so choosing the right color or simple colors like black ink or color is also taken into consideration. Depending upon what sort of character you are thinking about and what you want to design, you will have to first draw the character, pull your imagination from your mind and put it on the piece of paper.  With right kind of emotion and design, you can make every effort of making a visual masterpiece which can delight anyone by a simple glance of an eye.

    How to begin an idea on 3D Character Illustration

    Building an idea is not a difficult job anymore with many tools and technologies are now available at your disposal for building 3D Character Illustrations for Inspiration. There are some points which you can always look before starting a character illustration.

    • Find an inspiration: It is all about finding the right place, right time and start thinking. You need to start inspiration from somewhere. Try to search for some topics online which are attractive or cool looking. There are some vague ideas available on internet which are discussed by still remain untouched. So you should explore as much as possible. It is not difficult to find an inspiration from a simple thing which happens in your day to day life. It could be living or nonliving thing. It’s all about in the mind; your perception can make anything alive. So always keep a different aspect about everything which you see. This way it can help you imagine thousands of ideas which are fresh to start with.
    • Be passionate: There is nothing which you cannot achieve with passion and there is nothing which you can achieve without passion. Both things go hand in hand for everyone. So being passionate and excited about character drawing, making cartoons, drawing should be your hobby or favorite pastime.
    • Character Concepts: A character is built out of an imagination which can be related to one area or concept. Like some amazing cartoon character are always associated with some concept. For example it could be aliens, superheroes with superpowers, character related to animals, cars, vehicles or any other sports. So finding the right concept is important before deciding a way forward.
    • Choose your tool: With the advancement in the field of technology, there is almost anything which you can do with a simple click of mouse. With the help of some famous tools like Photoshop or paintbrush, you can easily create your own design of character. All you need to do is simply have some basic knowledge about the tool and how it works. All this would be sufficient and with the help of that you can easily make some 3D Character Illustrations for Inspiration.
    • Use Color effects, adjustment and textures: Some of the coolest characters are drawn with some color effects, changes in textures which gives them an exclusive design. So by making some simple changes in colors and using more enhanced color techniques you can easily make an amazing 3D Character Illustrations for Inspiration.

    3D Character Illustrations for Inspiration

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