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    • March 12
    35 Phenomenal Examples of Polar Panorama Effect

    A unique variation of the panoramic photo is the polar panoramic, sometimes referred to as the stereographic projection photograph. Sure, they might be hard to remember, but this technique is fairly popular and is easy to reproduce on your own. In this showcase, we share some of the best photographs that exhibit this technique. Most of them have been created using Photoshop, as true “stereographic” cameras are quite expensive to truly create the effect. We hope you enjoy the showcase. As you can see, this technique can be used in a wide variety of scenes. Photos are linked to a page where you can find full high resolution and additional details.


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mind blowing stuff..keep up the good work

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unbelievable stuff

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amazing photography

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You've got some lovely panoplanet examples here, I especially love the one with the blue railing

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