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    • January 08
    35 Eye-catching and Colourful Full of Life Photography

    Here are certain tips that will help you out in finding the best colorful photos and wallpapers – full of life. Follow these tips carefully, before choosing the wallpaper.

    • See to it that the wallpaper you choose must fits completely to your screen resolution without stretching or shrinking or getting cropped. This will make it look more attractive and beautiful.
    • The wallpaper you select should be a high resolution one with good quality.
    • The image must be crystal clear to give a nice appeal. The clear image gives a fascinating look to people looking to it.
    • It should look natural and appealing and must capture something really wonderful about the nature’s bounty in rains.

    Source of life



    colourful photography

    Colors the Day


    Reason to Believe

    colourful nature

    Behind the Gardens

    nature photography

    Splash of Spring

    colourful nature photography

    City Lights

    city light photography

    Another Colorful Morning

    colourful morning photography

    Lupin Delight

    Lupin Delight photography

    By The Lake

    By The Lake photography

    Cut Flower

    Cut Flower photography


    Converging photography

    Wonderland – Landscape

    Wonderland - Landscape photography

    Washed Up

    Washed Up photography


    Block nature photography


    Longing flowers photography

    Getting Ready

    landscape photography


    colourful petals photography

    Colourful Nature

    Colourful Nature and flowers photography

    Turkish summer

    Turkish summer photography

    Neglected poem

    Neglected poem photography

    Sacred beauty

    Sacred beauty photography

    Rainbow colored snow

    Snow is actually the form of water that drops to the surface of Earth in form of flakes. These flakes having unique and beautiful patterns frozen from the atmospheric water vapors. Flakes fall to the surface under the forces of gravity like a white wind and make everything white like a white blanket spreads over everything. You can imagine it yourself that how the snow flakes look while falling from great heights. It requires a professionalism to capture such photographs with crystal clear quality. These captured pictures can be used as snow wallpapers on many of the gadget screens captivating you and other people. Good quality snow wallpapers are very difficult to find on internet. You need to search your best for finding the finest rain wallpapers to be applied to your device screen.

    Rainbow colored snow photography

    You need to stop hiding

    You need to stop hiding

    Ghost ride

    Ghost ride photography

    Wouldn’t you like to fly

    Wouldn't you like to fly photography

    Harlequin Rain

    Harlequin Rain