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    • February 01
    30+ Stunning Examples of Camera Toss Photography

    Camera tossing is a not so popular photography technique mainly because it takes photography to amazingly new levels. Normally, photography for everyone is taking the camera in the hands and clicking photographs. But camera toss technique defies and re-writes these rules. Camera Toss Photography is an amazing new trend that captures light in its most abstract form. As the name suggests, it involves throwing your camera in the air while taking a photo. There are a few different ways to throw your camera. Spinning, as the name suggests, involves spinning your camera in a clockwise or anti clockwise motion to create a beautiful spiral pattern with the lights. This involves setting your camera to very low shutter speeds, maybe around 1 or 2 seconds, then throwing it in the air just as it’s about to take an exposure. Then you catch it before it hits the ground. Usually this is done at night near some sort of light source. The result is a fantastic array of colorful patterns. So here i have a showcase of marvelous variety of Camera Toss Photography to feed your inspiration. After watching this you would love to do this on your own. If you do try Camera Tossing don’t forget one very important thing: Catch your camera after the toss!


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Reply Rory February 4, 2011

Very cool...although knowing what I'm like at catching, I'll give it a miss myself

Reply Srdjan Janic October 3, 2012