• September 09
    30+ Lightning Bolts of Angry Mother Nature

    Nature shows its fury in the most spectacular way possible by sending down millions of jolts & bolts of electricity to the ground. The more dangerous it is, the more spectacular it looks. It has always been a pleasure to watch the lightning strikes on a rainy night. Holding a camera in the hand, waiting for the next strike to hit the sky. Nature is the best source of inspiration for any artist. Even though capturing lightning in photos is a lot of fun, it can be quite challenging and even dangerous if you do not use a little forethought and planning. You should be holding the camera at the right moment with hell a lot of patience. I hope to inspire you to go out there and start capturing the awesome moments through this article. In this article, I have shared over 30 of the most breath taking photographs of lightning bolts which were captured at the right moment with the right camera. I have also provided some very useful links about how to take photographs of lightning strikes and some really good articles on the same


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Reply Alistair September 12, 2010

Amazing shots.

I always remember an old pilot who used to tell me, "Lighting is Mother Nature's way of saying 'Don't f**k with me little man'" :-)

Reply Joshua Hoxit July 9, 2011

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Reply optiolfscoofs July 19, 2011

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