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    • October 28
    30+ Attractive Large Photo Background Websites

    When speaking about the moderns websites, most of the designers use their creativity in designing website. In effect to that some designers use large size images as background images for the website designing. Those large size images are uses as it is or will be added some effects to it to make the images look more beautiful to the visitors. These large background photos gives life to the website and make them more stunning and lively. Using a photo as a background can give your website an added visual element, as well as depth and space. Here i have a beautiful showcase of use of large background photos in websites for your inspiration. I hope you do like them.

    Massimo Dutti










Khalid Janjua is a business owner and entrepreneur from Manchester, United Kingdom. Khalid is currently working on Saturn-Tec, a website which provides design & cheap web solutions. Follow Khalid on Twitter: @hybridlava. Follow the development of @saturntec.


Reply Eddy October 28, 2010

really beautiful websites

Reply Natasha October 28, 2010

awesome showcase......nice work

    Reply Rajendra Singh Rathore November 15, 2010


    Thanks for people serveice. you are great because you serve the people with love. god bless you.


Reply @Ed_Rodrigues3 October 31, 2010

These site are all grade 10

Reply Lívia Suassuna November 1, 2010

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Reply Michael Higashi November 15, 2010

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Reply Keith July 15, 2011

Checkout http://www.arhaus.com. Yet another great example...

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