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    • May 01
    30+ Amazing 3D Pencil Drawings and illustrations

    3D had become a trend these days. This art form had gained popularity worldwide. 3D drawing had become a new and interesting thing to learn in drawing. You can find number of 3 D Pencil drawing and illustrations along with the lessons available online. You can even learn the 3D drawing from the professional artists available online for the help of learners. If you are really interested in doing 3D drawing then you can find many resources available online to learn 3D drawing. The artists must learn this drawing form to bring attractiveness to the drawing or picture.

    Tips to learn 3D drawing

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    • You should learn and understand to draw the objects so that they can appear closer and far from you. One of the major traits of 3-d drawing is that you can view the space and distance in drawing.
    • You have to learn, how you can distort few parts of an object to make few parts appear closer to you.
    • Shading is another important trick that can be used in 3-d drawing. You can add shadows beneath the object and make them look in 3-d. shading can depth to your drawings and figures. You also need to be consistent with the light sources while shading. Also, you need to know the importance of dark and light shade.
    • You should learn to draw the overlapping object. This helps you to make the object look colder and farther from you without actually reducing the size of object.
    • You can make the objects look closer to you by fading the objects that are farther in the drawing.

    So, follow these tips while starting with 3-d drawing. These were some of the basics tricks that every artist must know about 3-d drawing.

    3D sketches add the new level of art to drawing. It gives the perfect view to the drawing, so that it appears to jump out of the screen or page. Basically, 3D art is the combination of different techniques used as the combination while drawing.

    3D Drawing Techniques

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    • Lighting: This is the first and foremost thing to learn 3D art form. You need to learn how to use the lightning in 3D drawing perfectly. The lightning will generate good 3 D effects to your drawing.
    • Perspective: It is very simple rule, but is too difficult to be remembered. To make the objects look closer draw them larger and to make the objects look farther make them draw them smaller. The path appears narrower, the farther you good. Have a good perspective and think from viewer’s point of view while drawing the image.
    • Think Outside the Page: If you are showcasing your own artwork, you need to think differently and should have different ideas from others. This will make your artwork look unique. You should use different pencils to showcase the effects.

    These were some more important tips that need to be followed by every artist to create awesome pictures giving 3D effects. The 3D sketching had been since long frame of time and many people had started learning it. Most of the artists around the world had achieved perfection in it and showcased some of the glorious drawings to the world. Flat surface is the best surface to start with to make the object look in 3D. Let us know about 3D drawing deeply by the help of few points.

    Good Image Practice

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    If you are bit new to the 3D drawing then you must begin with uncomplicated images and designs. You should also avoid the drawing having irregular shapes. Try to be bit simple at starting. Practice drawing easy images regularly. This is the first step towards learning of 3D drawing.

    Creating 3D Depth

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    1-D drawing represents the object on one plane. To make the object look in 3D, you should create another plane along the edges and lines of images. This will helps to learn about the 3D principles. You eyes will learn the 3D drawing automatically.


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    It is one of the most important aspects to capture the object in 3D through your drawing. You need to create shadows in your drawing through sketching from a sideway angle. The shadows of different objects in your drawing must be well aligned with the original figure. Use different type of shading methods to create to draw 3D image.

    So learning 3D drawing is not at all a tough job. But you need to practice harder everyday to achieve the good skills to be able to draw quality figures. This art form is an interesting art form. You can find number of illustrations and tutorials to learn 3D drawing on web. So, if you are an artist then you must go for learning the 3D drawing.

    3D Pencil Drawings and illustrations

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