• December 14
    17 Excellent Brochure Designing Tutorials Plus Tips

    A brochure or pamphlet is a leaflet advertisement. Brochures may advertise locations, events, hotels, products, services, etc…The two most common brochure styles are single sheet and booklet forms. Purpose of brochure may vary from business to business. Some are designed to display services, whereas others are focused on selling a product. Brochure is very important part of advertisement so every designer should know how to design a brochure? it is important to focus on the print brochures quality that you’ll produce. Therefore i have compiled list of 17 excellent brochure designing tutorials and tips.

    Checkout the 30 brochure designing tutorials plus tips below:

    1. Trifold Brochure Design Tutorial

    This trifold brochure graphic art tutorial features illustrated and text advice for creating 8-1/2 × 11 brochure artwork.

    Trifold Brochure Design Tutorial

    2. How to Design and Layout a Brochure

    Learn how to design and layout a brochure in this article for graphic designers.

    How to Design and Layout a Brochure

    3. Create brochures that help you sell in Publisher

    Microsoft Publisher includes pre-designed brochure publications, set up specifically to provide information about special offers.

    Create brochures that help you sell in Publisher

    4. 5 Tips for a Great Brochure

    With the abundance of available software tools that can facilitate brochure design, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, and Microsoft Publisher, many home business owners decide to create their own brochures.

    5. Adobe Photoshop Tutorial – Brochure Design Makeover


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