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Date Archives: May2015

  • Odd Stuff Amazing Clean Master application features for your android smartphone

    You can choose from a wide number of options when you are selecting an application for cleaning and optimizing of your computer. But while you are wishing to have a cleaning application for your android smartphone, you are left out with just a few applications. Now you must be worried about which application can be…

    • May 31
  • Photography Have a glance at some of these best apps for taking ultimate selfie

    At present almost half of the smartphone users are addicted to selfie. The craze of uploading some attractive images as profile images for various social network sites or at some messaging sites or even the wallpaper of the phone has increased this selfie attitude of people to a great extent. Good thing, isn’t it? You…

    • May 26
  • Photography 3+1 Best Sources for Public Domain Stock Photos

    Being a designer means to be pressured constantly by the deadlines and the budget. Sometimes the budget is so tight that there is no room for a stock photo in it – designers have to waste their time googling for the perfect image that would fit into the design – and with zero costs, of…

    • May 18
  • Wordpress Top 5 Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

    Making sure that your WordPress-hosted website remains safe and functional all through can be challenging. You can face server errors or even get hacked. Who knows, you might accidentally be the cause of an irreversible problem! What is more is that most backup facilities that are built into the WordPress platform are almost non-existent. Luckily,…

    • May 11