• Lost Phone
    • June 05
    10 hidden features of your android smartphone that you should know



    You can store many files and documents in your android device and can also keep proper track of your files. Your device has a storage management feature from where you can manage your stored files and can also transfer it to other devices using USB, or other ways.

    Save battery

    battery saver

    Often people complain that their android smartphones drain battery very fast. But do you known that your device has a feature of saving the battery? Just go to stamina management and from here you can select a number of options such as lowering down brightness, auto disconnection and connection of data as your home screen gets locked and unlocked, and auto closing applications that are kept idle for a long time.

    Special characters

    special characters

    You can use this one as a trick. While writing a text, you don’t have to go to the symbol section for including special characters. Just keep on holding the decimal button on your screen and a box will open up with special characters. You can also try holding other buttons to get many other characters.

    There are many such tricks and hidden features that are there in your android smartphone. Some of them are mentioned here and for some you can browse your device settings in your free time.