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    • June 05
    10 hidden features of your android smartphone that you should know

    Try to browse internet with this feature. Google Chrome does not just help you to send links to others but also your bookmarks are saved for your future search.



    This feature is though not hidden now but still there are many people who are not aware of the screenshot feature. Different android devices have different ways of taking screenshot of your screen. Go through the manual of the device and you will know the method.

    Data usage

    data usage manager

    If you have a smartphone, then you must have internet connection in it for different applications. But in case if you don’t use Wi-Fi or you don’t have unlimited pack, then you can face trouble if your internet data getting exhausted at any moment. So, here is a feature in the data setting of the device, where you can put an alarm about notifying you when your data is about to get expired.

    Add to dictionary

    add to dictionary

    When you type a message in your messaging application, you must have noticed predictive texts appearing. This is due to the dictionary feature in your android device. You can add some of the difficult texts on your dictionary so that you do not have to type the full spelling each time while creating your texts.